All About Terpenes

Plants have aromatic compounds called terpenes that define their scent. The combination of terpenes determines the aroma and flavor of a plant. For instance, pine has a different scent from fresh orange due to the difference in terpenes combination.

While terpenes are available in all plants, they are usually in higher concentrations in cannabis. That’s why terpenes are mostly associated with cannabis.

These aromatic compounds are significant to plants. The strong scent aids in attracting insects and other pollinators. In some plants, terpenes play a protective role by repelling predators, while in others they are the immune system that keeps germs away.

Terpenes in Cannabis

Terpenes are responsible for the different scent and flavors we enjoy when consuming cannabis. There are more than 100 types of terpenes produced by the cannabis plant. However, only a few terpenes are preferred by growers, which are; humulene, pinene, myrcene, terpinolene, pulegone, linalool, geraniol, camphene, carene, sabinene, phellandrene, to mention a few.

Some of these terpenes may be familiar, for instance, pinene produces a piney scent while limonene is responsible for the citrusy scent.

The type of terpenes in cannabis are influenced by several factors including the weather, climate, soil type, fertilizers among other factors.

Do Terpenes Have Effects on People?

Most terpenes are bioactive. It is believed that these compounds have an entourage effect on the body. They maximize the degree of highness when you consume cannabis. They do this by increasing the effects of induced by CBD and THC.

Research on isolated terpenes has also indicated that the compound has great benefits to the body. The strong smell produced by terpene, for example, affects mood and stress when inhaled. As a result, the compound is used for making essential oils that are utilized for alternative therapies like aromatherapy.

Where Are Terpenes Produced From?

The cannabis plant has crystal-like hairs found on the surface of its leaves. These are known as trichomes, and they produce metabolites such as terpenes and cannabinoids. Trichomes produce more terpene when exposed to more sunlight and temperature. Terpenes are also found in higher concentration unfertilized cannabis plants.

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